Meet The Collectors - Pedro Barbosa - Sao Paulo
There are collectors keen to amass trophy pieces - and then there is Pedro Barbosa. Over the years, the former trader has gathered one of the most significant collections of conceptual art in South America, relentlessly challenging his own understanding of what art can or should be.

Meet The Gallerists - Galerie Gisela Capitain - Cologne
'For me Martin Kippenberger was the beginning of contemporary art,' says Gisela Capitain. The pair's immediate connection led to the creation of the now-mythical studio-cum-social space Kippenberger's Office - Germany's answer to Andy Warhol's Factory. But it's in Cologne that Capitain found her home.

Meet The Gallerists - Balank Projects - South Africa
'Artists in South Africa certainly have something to say' Jonathan Garnham, Founder of Blank Projects Cape Town native Jonathan Garnham left South Africa during the Apartheid era. An artist by training, he came back in 2005 to start a project space, which has since then become one of the country's most sought-after commercial galleries.

Meet The Gallerists - Ratio 3 - San Francisco
News from the San Francisco art scene is often dire, rife with tales of Big Tech driving real estate prices to stratospheric heights and artists and galleries moving out in their droves. Ratio 3, which has been a Mission District mainstay since 2004, casts a different light on this all-too-familiar narrative.

Meet The Gallerists - Plan B - Cluj
Plan B is at a turning point. Romania's most prominent contemporary art gallery left its first space in Cluj's old Paintbrush Factory and is now restoring a former mansion in the center of town. In many ways, the move is indicative of Plan B's extraordinary journey.

Meet The Gallerists - Jan Kaps - Cologne
Over the last five years, Jan Kaps has established one of the Rhineland's most exciting contemporary art spaces. Taken by Cologne's good spirit and cultural wealth, the young gallerist set up shop in 2013, a stone's throw from the legendary Chelsea Hotel, Martin Kippenberger's former haunt.

Meet The Gallerists - Karma International - Switzerland
Originally set up as a project space, Karma International has quietly established itself as one of the key players in Zurich, and beyond. Since 2009, the gallery also operates a Los Angeles branch, and an Asian outpost is currently in the works.

Meet The Gallerists - Mor Charpentier - Paris
Parisian gallerists Alex Mor and Philippe Charpentier have a clear vision. From the start, their program has championed art tackling political and social issues, a focus that they call the DNA of the gallery. Located in Paris's Marais district since 2010, mor charpentier has always maintained an international outlook, opening its Bogotà office in 2013.

Meet The Gallerists - espaivisor - Valencia
'You really need to understand the darker periods of your history to understand the present.' - Mira Bernabeu, Co-Director of espaivisor Nestled in Valencia's Barrio del Carmen, espaivisor is run by artists Miriam Lozano and Mira Bernabeu, who received the gallery as a gift in 2006.

Meet The Gallerists - Casas Riegner - Bogota
Casas Riegner opened in Bogotá in 2005 with a specific mission: to promote contemporary Colombian art. Since then, the gallery has become a stalwart champion of artists from all generations, from Beatriz González (b.1938) to Angélica Teuta (b.1985).

Meet The Gallerists - JTT - New York
Located in New York City, JTT is a key player in the Lower East Side gallery community that focuses on the work of emerging artists. For the Discoveries sector of Art Basel's show in Hong Kong, JTT will present site-specific sculptures by Brooklyn-based artist Charles Harlan.

Meet The Gallerists - Max Mayer - Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf boasts several world-class museums and was home to Joseph Beuys and Gerhard Richter. This made it the perfect location for Max Mayer to set up his exhibition space in 2011, not far from where his father, Hans Mayer, also runs a gallery.

Meet The Gallerists - Madragoa - Lisboa
Madragoa opened in 2016 in one of Lisbon's celebrated historic neighborhoods and is now firmly on the map of the Portuguese capital, which, in recent years, has become a real magnet for artists. At Art Basel's 2018 show in Basel, Madragoa will present a monumental frieze composed of hand-hammered brass panels by Rodrigo Hernández.

Meet The Gallerists - Sfeir-Semler - Beirut
Founded in 2005, Andrée Sfeir-Semler's Beirut- and Hamburg-based Sfeir-Semler is participating in the Galleries sector of Art Basel's Miami Beach show in 2017. Located in industrial Beirut, the gallery's programme exhibits works by conceptional artists with a focus on human rights and politics.

Meet The Gallerists - Miguel Abeu - New York
Inspired by cinema, Miguel Abreu was among the firsts to open a gallery in New York's Lower East Side district. In its debut presentation at Art Basel in Hong Kong, Miguel Abreu Gallery will show works by Pamela Rosenkranz, Yuji Agematsu, Jean-Luc Moulène, Liz Deschenes, Sam Lewitt, and Pieter Schoolwerth.

Meet The Gallerists - White Space - Beijing
For the Statements sector of Art Basel in Basel 2018, Managing Director of White Space Beijing Zhang Di will present 'Sound Diet' by Berlin-based artist Christine Sun Kim, who was born deaf and translates the experience of sound, language, and movement to her artwork.

Meet The Gallerists - Isla Flotante
For the Positions sector of Art Basel's Miami Beach show in 2017, Isla Flotante will exhibit an installation of 65 canvases by Mariela Scafati. Isla Flotante is located in the southern part of Buenos Aires in the La Boca neighborhood - an area named for its proximity to the mouth of the Riachuelo river - designated as an arts district by the city and loved by both tourists and locals.

Meet The Gallerists - Applicat-Prazan - Paris
Founded in 1993, Franck Prazan's Applicat-Prazan is a Paris-based gallery participating in the Galleries sector of Art Basel's Miami Beach show in 2017. Located in historic Paris, the gallery's program focuses on painters who were active in Paris after the Second World War, specifically between 1940s-60s.

Meet The Gallerists - Don Gallery - Shanghai
Located in the West Bund area, Shanghai's vibrant arts hub, Don Gallery champions young Chinese artists working in a variety of media. For the Discoveries sector of Art Basel's show in Hong Kong, Don Gallery will present works by installation artist Zhang Ruyi.

Meet The Gallerists - Dépendance -Brussels
Founded in 2003 by Michael Callies, dépendance is a Brussels-based gallery participating in the Nova sector of Art Basel's Miami Beach show in 2017. The basis of Callies' gallery is a preoccupation with the artists' perception of the gallery space and how it reflects their ideals.

Meet The Gallerists - Tarq - Mumbai
Launched in 2014, Tarq quickly established itself as a key platform for emerging artists in Mumbai. For the Discoveries sector of Art Basel's show in Hong Kong, Tarq will present a series of architectural drawings by artist Vishwa Shroff.

Meet The Gallerists - Bergamin & Gomide
Nestled in the Jardins district of São Paulo, Bergamin & Gomide has built its reputation on impeccably curated shows by Brazil's Post-War household names. At Art Basel's 2018 show in Basel, the gallery will present an historical display, gathering key pieces by Lygia Clark, Mira Schendel, Sergio Camargo, and Alfredo Volpi.

Meet The Gallerists - Antenna Space - Shanghai
Founded in 2013, Simon Wang's Shanghai-based Antenna Space is participating in the Positions sector of Art Basel's Miami Beach show in 2017. Located in a former textile factory, the gallery exhibits works by young and mid-career artists working in painting, video, and sculpture.

Meet The Gallerists - Jaqueline Martins - Sao Paulo
For the Survey sector of Art Basel in Miami Beach, Jaqueline Martins will exhibit a variety of works from the 1970s by Brazilian artist Letícia Parente, including collages, works on paper, and videos. The São Paulo-based gallery Jaqueline Martins is a unique space - one that represents the personality of the city and also creates a dialogue with the art she shows.